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Chipukeezy: The Day I Seduced the Late Starlet Wahu

by Paul Nyongesa
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Kenya’s renowned comedian, Vincent Mwasia Mutua, popularly known as Chipukeezy, has disclosed a previously unknown connection to the late socialite Starlet Wahu, shedding light on their friendship. During a conversation with Mwafreeka on the podcast ‘Iko Nini,’ the former Churchill Show comedian revealed that he and Starlet Wahu were friends who crossed paths through social media.

Chipukeezy shared the story of how the 26-year-old beauty assisted him in reaching out to her brother, Nabii Victor Kanyari, and arranging an interview with him.

“Sadly, I knew this girl. She introduced me to Kanyari. I did an interview with Kanyari on my channel,” Chipukeezy recounted.

He continued to reveal how he initially reached out to the late Wahu, hinting at a romantic interest when initiating contact.

“I remember one time Kanyari was trending as he listened to a feel-good song coming from somewhere in Machakos, and it seemed like this girl was recording him. I sent her a message, telling her I might want to… I’m not sure if it was Kanyari I was looking for or her. I entered her DM and told her I wanted to interview Kanyari,” he said.

He added, “When I couldn’t reach Kanyari, I wouldn’t miss his sister. She was very helpful; she gave me Kanyari’s number. Kanyari came home, on the second season of Chipukeezy TV, I interviewed him.”

Chipukeezy revealed that he continued to communicate with the late sister of Prophet Kanyari even after the interview.

“We continued talking once in a while, but life took a different turn, and I would see her on social media,” he said.

The popular comedian expressed deep shock at Wahu’s brutal murder, deeming it inhumane and asserting that she did not deserve to die.

Starlet Wahu’s body was discovered on a Thursday morning in the fourth-floor room of Papino Apartments’ Airbnb in South B, Nairobi, following a report by a security guard who saw the suspect, John Matara, fleeing the scene.

In their Sunday evening statement, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) confirmed that the 34-year-old suspect is now in police custody, and investigations into the murder are ongoing. Investigators urged other victims or survivors of the suspect’s animosity to come forward and report their ordeals.

“As the investigation into the heinous murder of socialite Starlet Wahu Mwangi, 26, continues with the main suspect John Matara currently in police custody, DCI appeals to victims and survivors of the suspect’s animosity to report their ordeals to the Nairobi Area Criminal Investigations Department or the nearest police station,” DCI stated.

Matara was detained at the Industrial Area Police Station after being arrested at Mbagathi Hospital in Nairobi, where he sought treatment for minor injuries to his hand and leg. He was apprehended alongside his 25-year-old friend, Anthony Nyongesa, who was assisting him at the hospital.

Investigators alleged that the suspect is a sexual assailant who may be part of a gang targeting women on dating websites.

“The investigation currently points to a possible sexual offender who succeeds by deceiving his victims, and who may be part of a criminal gang targeting women on dating websites and other social media platforms,” stated DCI.

They added, “As we applaud those who have taken the courageous step of reporting their horrific ordeals with Matara and/or his suspected gang members, we encourage more witnesses of such heinous and horrifying attacks to come forward and record statements with our investigators.”

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