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Butita Warns Daddy Owen on Dating Charlene Ruto

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Comedian Eddie Butita took to his Instagram page to jokingly caution Gospel Singer Daddy Owen about the dangers of dating President Willliam Ruto’s daughter Charlene Ruto.

Butita warned Owen that secrets would be a thing of the past as the President’s daughter would have access to everything including classified phone details thanks to the presence of the National Intelligence Service (NIS).

“Ai Daddy Owen, ai rumor has it kuna vile. Maybe it rumors, it true, but if it is true, eh basi Daddy Owen ako na kazi” He said.

Daddy Owen, Charlene Friendship

Butita even suggested that family issues might take a back seat to Presidential protocols.

“Ni kama kulipa ushuru. Unajua huyu hahitaji password kuona texts zako. Hawa kwao wakona DCI, NYS,’

He advised Daddy Owen that any wrong move could result in him being controlled rather than resolving matters with a simple family discussion

This even comes after Charlene visited Owen’s Parents in Kakamega.

Owen has remained tight lipped on the issue, he instead shared glimpse of the visit while reflecting on his 2023 highlights through a series of photos online

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