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Brutal last warning Mulamwah gave his ex before breaking up

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Comedian Mulamwah has consistently expressed his desire for a simple girlfriend who won’t put too much pressure on him.

Now, he is opening up about a breakup that made him realize he was with the wrong person. In a conversation with his bestie, Ruth K, Mulamwah revealed that he warned his ex-girlfriend that he would replace her if she didn’t change her ways, mainly related to the pressure to provide.

Ruth explained why she chose him over others, recalling the challenging time when most people were against Mulamwah.

She highlighted the supportive role she played when others were not willing to understand him.

“The reason I’m asking you this is because that time we met things were bad. 99.9% of everybody was against Mulamwah.  You were just like inaitwanga heads over feet? What did you see in me, because I couldn’t understand.” he asked before adding,

“Because nobody is listening to my side, no one wanted to understand me, but you on the other hand, you were like ok let’s do this.”

She tried to avoid answering, but he insisted and she responded that she did not believe the social media rumours and that his personality persuaded her.

“What I can say according to me, shida ni the way people were seeing you is not what I saw in you. It’s not true. The first time we clicked I saw this man ni mtrue you were just that person mwenye aa sijui, the way they painted you was not..”

The comedian then recalled the painful breakup with a former ex and the social media backlash he faced.

He emphasised how cyberbullying motivated him to work hard to be a better man for another woman, swearing never to find himself in such a situation again.

He shared an interesting perspective on breakups, seeing them as opportunities to work on oneself.

“I swore to never find myself in such a position ever again.”

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