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Brian Chira breaks silence after long absence from TikTok

by Paul Nyongesa
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Controversial TikToker Brian Chira has resurfaced on social media after a noticeable absence, addressing his followers in a series of Instagram stories.

The content creator assured his audience that he is okay and revealed that he took a much-needed break to cope with the chaos of the past year.

“I just took a break from a year of chaos. I’m fine. Hang in there, it’s not every day that’s a trending day. I had to work on myself, and I feel better now,” he shared.

Before his hiatus, Chira had been vocal about his feelings of loneliness, revealing that he turned to a bottle during tough times. In a conversation with media personality Oga Obinna, he expressed deep regret for his actions, attributing them to his solitude.

“My friends left me; I have been left with God and the phone many times at my house. I just pray to God when sleep overwhelms me,” Chira lamented.

Chira went on to apologize to his followers and fellow content creators for his past abusive behavior, expressing a genuine desire to make amends.

He admitted to snapping at times and revealed that some have suggested he may be suffering from bipolar disorder, though he remains uncertain about it.

The controversial figure also stirred up a recent social media storm when he accused Germany-based content creator Nyako of taking credit for financial contributions meant to help him settle down.

Nyako responded by threatening legal action, claiming that Chira had become too comfortable.

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