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Arrow Bwoy: I Broke Nadia Mukami Virginity Alone

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Renowned Kenyan musician Arrow Bwoy stirred up the online world in a captivating and revealing quickfire session with his girlfriend and soon-to-be wife, Nadia Mukami. The duo engaged in a steamy exchange of random but profound questions, delving into aspects of their past relationships and intimate matters.

This intriguing session served as a promotion for their upcoming “Love and Vibes” show scheduled for Eldoret. Interested individuals can secure tickets through their official Instagram pages by following the provided links.

Amidst the rapid-fire questioning, Arrow Bwoy fearlessly inquired about Nadia Mukami’s purity, specifically asking who took her virginity. Without hesitation, Nadia Mukami candidly confessed that he was the one.

A brief pause hung in the air before Arrow Bwoy acknowledged the truth, admitting that he was the one who took Nadia Mukami’s purity. Recounting his own experiences, Arrow Bwoy shared that his first intimate encounter occurred in Form 2, describing it as an awkward experience due to being with a pure lady.

Arrow Bwoy candidly disclosed details about his past, including intimate moments with his ex-girlfriend in the studio and even in the car. In contrast, Nadia Mukami revealed little about herself, projecting an image of cleanliness. She denied having any sponsors (Mubabaz) in her life.

Previous interviews with Nadia Mukami showcased her commitment to being a virtuous woman, emphasizing her dedication to success. She highlighted her academic achievements, indicating that she excelled in school. Nadia’s focus on her goals and minimal involvement in relationship scandals have been consistent themes in her public admissions.

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