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Another Body of Lady Found Along Thika Road

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In a grim discovery, the naked body of a middle-aged woman was found dumped at Gwa-kairu area along Thika road in Juja, painting a chilling scene of apparent struggles preceding her tragic demise. The unsettling surroundings hinted at a possible struggle before the woman met her untimely end. Notably, the scene was marked by mugoka (khat) and njugu karanga (roasted peanuts), adding a mysterious dimension to the unfolding tragedy.

This alarming incident unfolds just days after another unsettling discovery, where the body of a young lady was found in a BNB in the Roysambu area, showing signs of severe mutilation. The juxtaposition of these two horrifying events raises concerns about the safety and security of individuals in the region.

Local authorities are now grappling with piecing together the details surrounding both cases as they strive to apprehend those responsible for these heinous crimes. The presence of physical evidence at the scene, such as the mugoka and njugu karanga, adds complexity to the investigations, leaving the community on edge and demanding answers.

The recent surge in such disturbing incidents underscores the need for heightened security measures and prompt action by law enforcement agencies. As the investigations unfold, the community remains on high alert, grappling with the shockwaves of these horrific events that have sent ripples of fear through the once-tranquil neighbourhoods.

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