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Akothee Finally Speaks in a Live Interview About Why She Dumped Omosh, Revealing the Disease He Was Suffering From

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In a recent interview, Kenyan musician Akothee shared the intimate details of her marriage with Swiss husband Omosh, shedding light on the challenges she faced and the ultimate reason behind their separation.

Akothee revealed that she decided to part ways with Omosh due to his undisclosed clinical condition, a revelation that unfolded during their honeymoon.

Akothee recounted how Omosh gradually inserted himself into her routine, attempting to manipulate her by enforcing strict video call schedules early in the morning

“There is a day I had gone to see my kids, and there is a day I did not get him on phone. He told me he was going skiing. I expected him to come back. What he did, he came into my life and disoriented my routine. I have a routine I don’t talk to anyone from 4 am till 10 am. It was a must for us to talk on a video call at 5 am. This was one of his manipulative ways. This was my husband and I had to adhere.

I did not get him on call, and I was panicking. So the next day he texted me that he was going to branch with students. Remember, your wife had called you all day and all night and I was very disoriented. I was kinda confused. At around 2 pm, he tells me ‘I am with economics students. I told you we were in school together at the university’. Kumbe jamaa ata hakumaliza university. So I believed he was in school, and I let that issue be.”

The troubles deepened during their honeymoon, where Akothee noticed Omosh’s frequent irritability.

Their marriage faced complications related to submitting documents for the Swiss wedding, prompting Akothee’s best maid to initiate investigations.

Suspicion grew, leading Akothee to postpone the wedding until more information was gathered.

”So I enjoyed the first three days of my honeymoon. We had gone to town no dinner. You know a honeymoon is where people relax and plan their life. This Swiss wedding, he had said, I had already done my wedding, and I was done with it. But to submit documents became a problem. Submitting his documents became an issue. So we had booked a date, but getting the papers out and getting there was a problem. So my best maid began her investigations. She told me to hold the Swiss wedding so she could do her due diligence about the guy because my heart told me there was something.”

The revelation of Omosh’s bipolar disorder came after persistent irritability and uncontrolled bursts of anger. Akothee expressed shock and confusion at this hidden truth, feeling betrayed that Omosh had not disclosed his mental health condition earlier. Omosh’s explanation that he feared she would leave him if she knew raised questions of trust and transparency in their relationship.

Akothee described the internal turmoil she experienced as she questioned her relationship and the authenticity of Omosh’s intentions.

Despite his assurances of seeking help and the belief that he could change, the damage had been done, and Akothee decided to end the marriage.

One of Akothee’s daughters, Vesha, had already sensed Omosh’s deceitful nature and attempted to warn her mother. Akothee also discovered that Omosh had taken control of her social media accounts, further complicating the already strained relationship.

In sharing her painful journey, Akothee emphasizes the importance of trust, honesty, and open communication in relationships.

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