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Robert Alai Expresses Concern Over Akothee’s Habit of Wearing Headphones While Interacting With People

by Paul Nyongesa
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Robert Alai, the Member of County Assembly (MCA) for Kileleshwa in Nairobi County, has expressed his dissatisfaction with the behavior of entrepreneur Esther Akothee, who was spotted wearing headphones while interacting with people.

Alai posted a picture of Akothee being received by people at the airport, with headphones on and a phone in hand, indicating that she was listening to music. Typically, when someone wears headphones, it becomes challenging to hear what others are saying.

Alai felt that Akothee’s action of wearing headphones while meeting people was a sign of disrespect, as it suggested that she did not want to listen to what they were saying. However, it’s important to note that Akothee is not a politician.

“Not to be mean, but headphones are for listening to the radio while traveling or something. Why wear them when interacting with an ordinary person? Akothee, really!” Alai questioned.

The vocal MCA, who has consistently criticized Akothee’s lifestyle, argued that headphones are suitable for use when traveling on a plane or in a car, but not in public, especially when you know that a crowd is gathering, expecting you to receive a specific message, and you choose to block your ears.

“Okay for a plane. But even in the parking lot, do you have these archaic headphones?” he asked.

This behavior of wearing headphones in a crowd is often observed, especially among soccer players. When entering the field, players are often greeted by fans, but they quickly pass by without listening, their ears plugged with headphones.

For a long time, Alai has been at odds with Akothee on various issues, including mocking her April wedding, which made headlines five months later, leading the charge against Akothee’s invitation to advise students at Ng’iya Girls’ School, and commenting on her fashion choices, among other things.

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