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The Bone-Chilling Incident Behind Magix Enga’s Swollen Face

by Paul Nyongesa
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Fans of Magix Enga have expressed their concerns after the popular Kenyan producer and singer posted a disturbing update on his social media pages.

Through his Instagram account, the talented artist shared a frightening picture of his swollen face covered in bruises and injuries.

In the caption, he revealed that an unidentified person had attempted to take his life while he was on the streets.

“I almost got killed by a hater here on the streets, but God is with me, tomorrow is another day, we give thanks,” Magix Enga wrote.

The producer, who has collaborated with some of Kenya’s prominent artists, did not provide further details about the incident.

However, by examining his face in the posted picture, it is evident that he had been assaulted as his face was visibly swollen.

Following this update, numerous internet users, including fellow artists, have expressed their concerns about the fate of the producer and urged other Kenyans to come to his aid.

Here are some Instagram comments:

Officialmasauti: Daah Magixx

Steve_muriuki: This man needs professional help. We might lose one of the best producers in Kenya. Remember these posts when he didn’t need them.

Isaac_kaberere: Leave alcohol.

Dennisatwoli: You will wake up again; there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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