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Sombre moods as man is hit to death by a train while going to work

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A somber atmosphere enveloped the Nairobi-Ruiru railway line on December 6 as a tragic incident unfolded, claiming the life of a man who was struck by a speeding train. The victim, seemingly oblivious to the imminent danger, was wearing earphones, which proved fatal as he failed to perceive the approaching train.

According to police reports, despite the train sounding its horn as a warning, the man continued to cross the railway line, leading to a severe impact.

The force knocked him off his feet, and he was tragically dragged several meters before succumbing to his injuries. The collision occurred at Mtindwa area as the driver of the goods train raced towards the Nairobi Railways station.

Regrettably, the victim died on the spot, and his body was subsequently moved to the mortuary, awaiting identification and autopsy.

Railway officials and witnesses emphasized the commonality of such incidents and discouraged pedestrians from using earphones while on roads, emphasizing the need for heightened awareness in these potentially perilous environments.

In a separate and equally distressing incident, a 25-year-old man named Dennis Gatwiri lost his life by suicide after jumping from Juja Flyover onto Thika Super Highway. Police swiftly responded to the scene, discovering his lifeless body on the highway. The circumstances surrounding his decision were not disclosed in the initial reports.

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