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Sombre moods as an angry wife chases her husband and son a day before Christmas for being lazy

by Paul Nyongesa
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A disillusioned wife has opened up about reaching her breaking point, leading her to evict her husband and their son from their home just before Christmas. (Image for illustration purposes only. Photo credits: Dimensions. Source: Getty Images)

The 38-year-old woman expressed her dissatisfaction, citing the duo’s habit of lounging around while she shouldered all the household chores. According to reports from The Mirror, the wife lamented that despite constant pleas for her husband to assist with chores, he remained unresponsive.

In an alarming turn of events, the son seemed to mirror his father’s behavior, leaving the house in disarray and expecting his 15-year-old sister to clean up after him.

The frustrated wife highlighted her attempts to discipline the young man, only to face opposition from her husband, who consistently sided with their son.

“He does the bare minimum when I force him, and that’s it. And our son is learning from him,” she explained, emphasizing her growing frustration. A recent incident involving a messy house despite explicit instructions pushed her to her breaking point.

Recalling an embarrassing situation when she returned home with a friend after a shopping trip with her daughter, the wife found the house still in disarray.

Determined to address the issue, she engaged in a heated argument with her husband and son before deciding to throw them out.

Following their departure, the son, remorseful, called from their temporary guest house, pleading for another chance. The mother, resolute in her decision, asserted that they were banned for Christmas and could only consider their return next year.

While the wife remains convinced she made the right call, her family argues that she might have gone too far, especially with regards to her son. “I think he needs a serious wake-up call, and this will be it. And I don’t give a f about hubby at this point,” she concluded.

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