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Shocking: US-Based Prophet Warns President Ruto of Controversial Upcoming Storm in 2024

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US-based prophet known as Celestial has delivered a dire message to President William Ruto of Kenya, claiming to have received a divine revelation that forewarns of a storm on the horizon.

The prophecy, delivered with a sense of urgency, points to a potential overwhelming situation for the Kenyan leader.

The core of the prophecy revolves around a message from God, expressing judgment against Kenya for what the prophet terms as apostasy and the rise of false prophets.

According to Celestial, Kenya, once known as a nation of worshipers, is facing divine repercussions for straying from its spiritual roots.

“God gave me a word for President William Ruto of Kenya, and he said to tell President William Ruto, you will have a storm on your hands. He said to tell him you will have more than you can handle because of my judgments coming against Kenya for apostasy and false prophets.”

The prophet distinguishes between reprobate and apostate states, explaining that a reprobate is deeply given over to sin, almost beyond rehabilitation, while an apostate has known Jesus previously but has turned away from the gospel.

Beyond the borders of Kenya, the prophecy extends its warning to the United States, urging caution against the consequences of false prophets.

Looking ahead to 2024, the prophecy takes a more concrete turn, predicting a predominant feeling of insecurity, instability, fear, doubt, and rage.

The prophet suggests that people will transition from feeling anger to an immediate sense of rage, coupled with growing helplessness as events unfold.

Security concerns are highlighted, with a grim outlook on control over money, privacy, property, and the return of travel restrictions.


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