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Shock as Othaya-Based Police Constable Explains How He Got Stuck for 10 Hours in the Act Inside a Lodging

by Paul Nyongesa
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After a constable police officer got stuck for 10 hours in an intimate encounter with a sex worker in Othaya town on the eve of Saturday, he narrated the terrifying ordeal to Taifa Leo Digital.

Question: Could you please tell us your name?

Answer: I would prefer not to reveal too much about myself, but what is known is that I am a police officer currently serving in Mathioya Sub-County, Murang’a County, stationed at Kiria-ini.

Question: How did your gun get stuck in the battle of passions with the sex worker?

Answer: It was a complete disaster. I have never been so overwhelmed. I have found myself in shootouts with livestock thieves in Baringo in 2018, but it was nothing compared to the fear I felt inside that lodging.

Question: What led to the gun getting stuck?

Answer: It was unexpected. I entered the brothel at around 5:00 PM. I met a woman, and after talking for a while, we agreed that I should spend the night in her room for a fee of Sh1,000. I paid her through my phone, and we went into the room.

Question: And then?

Answer: I felt a sense of unease, as if I was being given a warning not to engage in such activities, but I ignored the caution. At around 8:00 PM, I felt my “weapon” ready for action, and that’s when we turned towards each other, and the encounter began.

Question: The encounter began?

Answer: Yes. I engaged confidently, but I felt as if I was being pulled in without any commotion. I thought I was caught by a charm, and I prepared to withdraw for a moment… but no. I got stuck.

Question: How did you get stuck?

Answer: I couldn’t move. I couldn’t enter, and I couldn’t feel anything. It was like being there but not being there.

Question: Did both of you realize that there was a problem?

Answer: Yes. The woman told me that she was feeling pain. I, on the other hand, just felt heat. We tried applying oil, saliva, and water to separate, but nothing helped. I remembered the story of a colleague who had been in a similar situation in Kenol town, and I knew this was my day. What kept me going was the awareness that my colleague had eventually been rescued, giving me hope that my situation would be resolved.

Question: What were you talking about during all this time?

Answer: By 12:00 AM, we lost our voices. We had tried all methods to free ourselves without relief. It became a sweaty struggle, with the woman in pain, and I was feeling the heat, similar to that of COVID-19. Internally, I began praying for relief to come quickly so I could escape from this ordeal.

Question: When did the relief come?

Answer: At around 3:00 AM, the door to our room was broken. In our struggle for freedom, we ended up collapsing. A woman took charge and talked to the person she called. I overheard her saying that your wife is stuck with a man here in Othaya… finally, at around 4:30 AM, three people entered. A watchman, a man, and a woman.

Question: What happened then?

Answer: I found my voice again. I found myself apologizing without even knowing who I was apologizing to. I said I was ready to pay compensation… I knew things would end with compensation because my colleague in Kenol had been asked for Sh15,000.

Question: How did it end?

Answer: We were lifted together and returned to the bed. The watchman and others sat aside… it was just the two of us stuck… then an elderly man who claimed to be the husband of the sex worker and the woman who claimed to be a traditional healer. I was charged Sh13,000. I said I needed my phone and sent the money.

Question: And then?

Answer: The traditional healer instructed me to lie on top of my partner… I was told to close my eyes. Suddenly, I felt a huge slap on my buttocks, and in the shaking pain of that blow, I felt released… I don’t know how I got dressed, but I left that place.

Question: Will you officially complain so that the incident is investigated?

Answer: How will I complain? Wasn’t I the one who was kidnapped? Didn’t I enter that place seeking pleasure only for it to turn into a nightmare?

Question: Will you engage in sex work again?

Answer: At this point, I am not sure. You know, I have been purchasing these services for a while, but this turned out to be an unfortunate incident. At 37, I am thinking of getting married now. But first, I will evaluate myself and find the right direction to move forward.

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