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Sad Turn of Events as Murang’a Teacher Hacks Wife to Death After Refusing to Let His Children Sleep with Him

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Police are searching for a man suspected of brutally murdering his two children due to marital disputes before fleeing the village of Kiawambeu in Murang’a County.

The suspect, James Gitau, who is a high school teacher, is said to have separated from his wife six months ago due to domestic issues.

However, on Tuesday, he allegedly took his two children, aged five and two, claiming he wanted to spend the night with them.

The five-year-old was an ECDE student, while the two-year-old lived with their aunt.

Residents said that before committing the heinous crime around 5 a.m., Gitau had communicated with his estranged wife for more than 10 minutes via his mother’s mobile phone.

It is alleged that he then went to his mother’s house where they were sleeping, woke them up, and took them to his one-room house.

Neighbor Joseph Njuguna said Gitau’s mother knocked on their door, panting, and asked him to open it because she feared he might harm her.

When they entered, the grandmother narrated how her son had slaughtered her grandchildren. Together with another neighbor, they went to the assistant chief of the area to report the incident.

“We returned with the assistant chief, the chief, and some police officers and opened Gitau’s door to find the bodies of the children on the bed, their heads severed.”

Njuguna said that after realizing the suspect had fled, they thought he might have taken his own life and searched in the nearby fields and rivers.

“He must be hiding somewhere close and might be waiting for the night to cross the village. Our request is for the police to ensure they apprehend him because we don’t know what else he might be planning to do.”

Assistant Chief Jason Hiuhu said Gitau’s mother opposed his decision to take the boys from her home but was overpowered.

“At some point, she couldn’t find her mobile phone, and after searching for it, she went to his room and found him holding something with fear.”

“She left him alone and went back home, and returned to his room a few minutes later to find it locked from the outside. When she opened the door, she was shocked to see the bodies of the two boys.”

Murang’a County Commander David Mathiu confirmed that an intensive manhunt had been launched for the suspect.

“It appears he was on a revenge mission and ended up harming innocent children,” he said.

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