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Sad Scenes as Nakuru Family Finds Their Mother’s Coffin Thrown on the Road, a Month After Burial

by Paul Nyongesa
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Residents of Bagaria village in the Njoro constituency of Nakuru County are living in fear after discovering a discarded coffin by the roadside.

Currently gripped by apprehension, the residents believe that the coffin, extracted from an unknown grave by unidentified individuals, belongs to Rose Njeri, who was laid to rest in September 2023 after succumbing to cancer at the age of 61. Njeri, a mother of two, was buried on her three-acre property.

According to Njeri’s daughter, Esther Wanjiru, the family noticed the desecration of her mother’s grave when they visited on a Tuesday morning. Upon closer inspection, they found signs of disturbance, indicating that the grave had been tampered with, with evidence of freshly dug soil and footprints.

Wanjiru added that after the burial, the family had surrounded the grave with a wooden fence, but to their shock, the fence had been dismantled, and pieces were found a few meters away from the disturbed grave.

“We usually come here to check on our crops, but on Tuesday, we noticed something unusual. The grave appeared to have been tampered with. We were shocked and didn’t know what to do. We informed our aunt, who advised us to leave and report the incident to the chief,” explained Wanjiru.

After informing the local chief, they were advised to report the incident to the Naishi Police Station. However, two days later, residents discovered pieces of the coffin by the roadside, further heightening concerns and leaving the family with questions about whether their relative’s body had been exhumed and discarded elsewhere.

Esther Wanjiru, the late Rose Njeri’s daughter, expressed her uncertainty and anxiety about the situation, wondering if they would wake up to find their mother’s remains at their doorstep or by the roadside.

Florence Wambui, Njeri’s sister, stated that she was informed by her nephew about signs of disturbance at their mother’s grave and advised them to report the matter to the police for investigation.

The family, already grappling with the loss of their loved one, now faces the distressing uncertainty of not knowing if their mother’s remains were taken or left abandoned. They mentioned the need to raise KSh 75,000 for a court order before exhumation can be carried out to determine the status of the body.

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