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Sad as Woman fired a week after donating kidney to her boss

by Samantha
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In a tragic turn of events, Debbie Stevens finds herself caught in the relentless grip of distress, a consequence of her altruism that has left her jobless and teetering on the precipice of mental anguish.

The poignant tale began when the 47-year-old, employed at the New York State Human Rights Commission, selflessly offered her kidney to her ailing boss, Jackie Brucia, with the earnest hope of preserving her employer’s precious life—a compassionate act that initially bore fruits.

The narrative took a disheartening twist as Stevens, having successfully saved Brucia’s life, returned to her duties with an optimistic vigor, only to be confronted with a harsh reality.

The once-vibrant workplace atmosphere morphed into a breeding ground for hostility, with her boss subjecting her to a torrent of cruelty, devoid of any semblance of humanity.

Stevens, driven by an innate sense of self rather than ulterior motives such as job security or financial gain, found herself grappling with an inexplicable transformation in her professional environment.

The unfolding drama saw Stevens enduring the fallout of her benevolence, as her boss unleashed a barrage of verbal abuse, descending into the realm of inhumane treatment.

The aftermath of the kidney donation, intended as an act of goodwill, led to a rapid deterioration of Stevens’ work life. Faced with a relentless onslaught of aggression and arbitrary demotions, she was compelled to take intermittent leave days in a desperate bid to recover from the physical and emotional toll of the surgery.

However, her attempts at recuperation were met with disdain, and her prolonged absence served as a catalyst for further professional repercussions.

The situation escalated to the point where, within a mere week of legal authorities intervening, Stevens found herself unceremoniously ousted from her position—a stark contrast to the initial gratitude she had anticipated.

The relentless environment of perpetual screams and constant emotional turmoil inflicted profound damage on Stevens’ mental well-being.

Struggling to withstand the unrelenting storm, she sought solace in the counsel of a psychiatrist, recognizing the dire need for professional intervention to salvage her deteriorating mental health.

In the face of this heart-wrenching ordeal, Stevens, though broken-hearted, harbors no ill will towards her boss. Instead, she places her trust in the legal system to adjudicate the injustice that has befallen her

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