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Sad as Nurse fired and deported from the UK for reportedly offering prayers to a critically ill patient

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A nurse from Nigeria has reportedly been fired and deported from the United Kingdom after being caught praying for a critically ill patient nearing death.

According to a user on the X social media platform, who identifies as a doctor from Nigeria named Dr. Olufunmilayo and shared the incident on social media, the nurse was found guilty of praying for a patient, an act considered unacceptable in the UK healthcare system.

He explained that it is deemed unethical for healthcare professionals or nurses to bring religion into their work. Even if a patient requests prayers, the nurse should invite a priest or clergy member to perform the prayers instead of doing it themselves.

He shared the story online to caution African healthcare workers migrating to the UK against praying for patients to avoid facing situations like this.

In his tweet, he shared the full story: “I just read a heartbreaking story of a Nigerian who came to the UK, employed by an agency to take care of the elderly. He was tasked with caring for a very sick patient who was close to death and was reported for ‘praying for a client to get better.’ Yes. He got fired and deported from the UK.”

“For those expressing shock at the deportation issue, let me explain further. As a healthcare worker in the UK, it is unethical to involve religion or impose your religious views on patients/clients.”

“It is considered an abuse of trust and abuse of your position. You are expected to just do your job and focus on your work. Even if a patient/client brings up religious discussions, you are supposed to direct them to speak with a chaplain, priest, imam, or any religious figure,” explained the UK-based doctor.

“As a healthcare worker; You must not engage in religious activities with patients/clients. If reported to the appropriate authorities, you can lose your job. Often, this also means losing your sponsorship and right to stay in the country. Remember, your stay visa as a worker is tied to your employment. If you lose your job – you lose your stay,” he added.

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