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Sad as Nairobi ‘Makanga,’ Arrested for Not Wearing Uniform, Ends Up Dying in Remand

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a somber incident, Simon Maina, a tout initially arrested for not wearing a PSV badge, has met an untimely demise while in police custody at the Industrial Area Remand.

It all started on  November 15, 2023, when Maina was apprehended for a dress code violation.

Pleading not guilty and unable to pay his cash bail, he was remanded at the Industrial Area.

Two days after his arrest, Maina fell seriously ill and was urgently transported to Kenyatta National Hospital, where he passed away on the evening of November 17

. The circumstances surrounding his death became public knowledge only when prison authorities reported the matter to the police on December 5, adding a layer of mystery to the unfolding tragedy.

A postmortem examination has been scheduled to ascertain the cause of Maina’s death, drawing attention to the broader issues faced by petty offenders within the prison system.

Many, like Maina, find themselves languishing behind bars due to an inability to pay cash bail or potentially facing incorrect charges.

The already congested prison system, accommodating 53,438 inmates, has become a cause for concern, prompting officials to contemplate releasing over 4,000 petty offenders to alleviate the strain.

In a separate incident along Mombasa Road near Nairobi National Park, police are probing the death of David Kivosyo, whose lifeless body exhibited signs of a violent assault.

Bloodstains on his nose and ears, coupled with visible injuries, point to a potential beating as the cause of death. Identified through documents discovered on his person, Kivosyo’s death is now the subject of a comprehensive investigation.

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