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Ruth K Reveals the Reason Why Mulamwah Dumped Carol Sonie for Her in 2022

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In a lighthearted video posted on YY’s Instagram page, comedians Eddie Butita and YY playfully teased Mulamwah’s girlfriend, Ruth K, urging her to reveal the secret behind making Mulamwah love her so much.

In the short video, YY and Butita were seen interrogating Ruth K, asking her, “What did you give our boy… what did you do to him to make him this happy and in love?”

They continued to praise Ruth K, claiming that Mulamwah has been shining brighter and happier since they started dating.

“This guy talks about you all the time, I mean all the time. He’s always telling stories about you. Even at eleven o’clock, he’ll be like, ‘I want to go see Ruth, I want to go see my bestie, let me go to her house,'” YY said.

Ruth responded, “He gives bestie time. By 6, there’s no delay.”

YY and Butita continued to press Ruth to reveal what she did to make Mulamwah so enamored with her.

“Guys, what did you give our boy? That’s what we’re asking. We’re baffled; there are things he does that even we can’t figure out,” they said together.

Ruth, who usually refers to Mulamwah as her ‘bestie,’ claimed that the secret is taking good care of him, such as cooking for him.

However, after Ruth left the conversation, it became clear that YY and Butita were just teasing her to make her feel happy, loved, and appreciated. They were seen asking Mulamwah if they had put on a good show in front of his girlfriend, indicating that it was all in good fun.

By the end of November, Mulamwah and Ruth finally revealed that they are expecting their first child together after denying it for a long time. On their social media pages, they shared pictures showing Ruth’s protruding belly, hinting that she is not far from giving birth.


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