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Pritty Vishy Drops Unexpected Bombshell After an Unknown Man Impregnanted Stevo Simple Boy’s Wife, Grace

by Paul Nyongesa
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Content producer, Purity Vishenwa, popularly known as Pritty Vishy, has ridiculed her former lover, Stevo Simple Boy, amid rumors of troubles in his marriage.

There have been numerous speculations on social media claiming that Stevo and his wife, Grace Atieno, are no longer in good terms after the singer allegedly discovered that his life partner was impregnated by another man.

Addressing these rumors, Pritty Vishy hinted that she was already aware of the dramas unfolding in her ex-lover’s marriage.

“Shawrry (sorry) wa uchungu (bitter sorrow) alijua buana (he knew, my goodness), not because I am following the life of my ex, but because he is close to my friend. Yooh, things are worse than you think,” Pritty Vishy said via her Instagram account on Tuesday morning.

She added, “From ‘Pritty was cheating with 50 men’ to ‘let exes stay away,’ and then… ‘the pregnancy is not mine, she cheated on me’… eei, don’t you see Budhesko has problems, sometimes management, sometimes Tudems (Tudienzis) are dating, they have all cheated.”

The 22-year-old beauty continued to claim that Stevo Simple Boy played around with his current wife, Grace Atieno, who is now rumored to have cheated on him and even gotten pregnant by another man.

Vishy alleged that Stevo’s wife pursued the Kibera artist for money but later realized that things were not as she had thought.

“So the girl felt really good when person X was playing with her and thought person X had a lot of money, so when I left, she was happy and decided to move on with him just to find out… mmmh, she thought the management was very bad, which is true because ‘her man’ as an artist doesn’t know how to stand as a man… good on social media… decided to bring down the management that was right, but she didn’t have it. Plan B like I did, so she remained with the artist where she is,” Pritty Vishy said.

The content producer continued to blame Stevo’s wife for cheating on the musician with another man because she couldn’t make money and be satisfied with what she needed.

Furthermore, she claimed that Stevo discovered that his wife’s pregnancy was not his after doing his calculations correctly.

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