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Pastor Ng’ang’a Breaks Silence After Being Asked for Son’s Medical Treatment Assistance Online

by Samantha
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Naomi Wangari Maina, the firstborn daughter of controversial Pastor James Ng’ang’a, is reaching out to Kenyans and beyond, seeking financial support for her six-year-old son, Jonathan Wise, who is bravely battling a severe case of B-ALL Leukemia.

Jonathan’s medical journey began shortly after his birth on January 20, 2018, when he was diagnosed with Bilateral Retinoblastoma, a rare form of eye cancer. At just six weeks old, an urgent inoculation procedure became necessary, marking the beginning of a relentless fight against this aggressive disease.

Over the next three years, chemotherapy became a painful routine for young Jonathan. Frequent trips to the operating theatre and enduring anesthesia every three weeks were part of his challenging journey.

In late 2020, the left eye tumor ceased responding to chemotherapy, leading to a referral to India for specialized treatment. The family successfully conducted a fundraiser, and Jonathan underwent brachytherapy procedures in India.

However, due to the COVID-19 lockdown, they faced an extended stay until the government organized their evacuation in May 2020.

Post-return, Jonathan continued his medical journey with six more theatre reviews. The year 2023 brought new challenges as Jonathan battled fever, low blood, and platelet counts, leading to multiple admissions and tests, including bone marrow biopsies.

The latest setback occurred on Monday, November 20, when Jonathan was diagnosed with B-ALL Leukemia during a routine pediatrician review. As Naomi sits by her son’s bedside in the hospital ward, she expresses the urgency of Jonathan’s situation.

The child’s treatment for infection, fever, and blood-related issues requires immediate attention.

Naomi emphasized that her son has a high chance of a full recovery, but timely and uninterrupted treatment is crucial. The family, having faced financial strain throughout Jonathan’s medical journey, is now appealing to well-wishers, individuals, and organizations to come forward and support Jonathan in his fight against leukemia.

Pastor Ng’ang’a, when contacted, expressed that he considers the matter beyond his current involvement.

“At this moment, I prefer not to be linked to that particular case. I have my reservations regarding it,” he stated.

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