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Pastor Kanyari: You are Likely to Get an Accident Riding Cheap Cars like Probox Compared to V8

by Paul Nyongesa
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Controversial preacher Victor Kanyari of Salvation Healing Ministry has once again stirred up a storm, this time by advising his congregants to steer clear of what he deems “cheap” cars, specifically singling out Proboxes as potential death traps.

In an undated viral video that has ignited widespread debate, Kanyari suggests a correlation between the rarity of young deaths among the affluent and the perceived safety features of their expensive vehicles.

According to Kanyari, the occurrence of premature deaths among the wealthy is remarkably low, approximately one in ten.

He contends that high-end vehicles, such as V8s, are less prone to fatal accidents compared to their more affordable counterparts like Proboxes and motorcycles.

The pastor emphasizes the supposed safety advantages of expensive cars, highlighting features such as airbags that, according to him, significantly reduce the fatality rate in accidents.

“Even if you lose control and the vehicle crashes, those airbags are there inside, even without salvation and prayers… one will catch you here, another one will catch you there… you find yourself sitting inside the blankets like this, as if you’ve not just had an accident… do the same inside a Probox, and you’ll be cut like meat.”


This is not the first time Victor Kanyari has courted controversy. In September 2022, he introduced the ‘panda mbegu’ scheme, promising a financial reward of Sh30,000 to followers who made a Sh500 offering. Referred to as “Miracle money,” Kanyari claimed that such financial blessings occurred to those with strong faith.

However, skeptics questioned the legitimacy of the scheme, raising concerns about the ethical implications of linking financial gains to religious offerings.

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