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Nyako Blasts Trending Lebanon Househelp for Saying ‘Simjui”

by Samantha
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TikToker Nyako has taken to the digital stage to express her disappointment with a trending nanny, Rosie, for claiming she has no knowledge of certain Kenyan celebrities.

The unfolding drama stems from Rosie’s previous statement, where she asserted her unfamiliarity with content creator Cartoon Comedian, who is often likened to her.

Nyako, expressing her dismay, addressed Rosie’s apparent ignorance in an online video.

The TikTok sensation had expected Rosie to acknowledge their common ground as Kenyan public figures, especially after the comparison with Cartoon Comedian.

The controversy arose when Rosie, working in Lebanon at the time, refuted any connection to Cartoon Comedian, asserting she had no idea who the individual was.

This fueled speculation and drew attention to Rosie’s apparent lack of awareness about her celebrity doppelganger.

However, what added fuel to the fire was Rosie’s alleged claim of not knowing Nyako when questioned about her. This statement further infuriated Nyako, prompting her to take to the video platform to address Rosie directly.

In her rebuttal, Nyako highlighted the interconnected nature of the entertainment industry and confidently stated that Rosie would eventually need the support and recognition of Kenyan celebrities.

“There is nothing you are going to [achieve] in Lebanon. You’re saying you do not know your fellow Kenyans; you will look for us. It is just a matter of time,” Nyako asserted in her video.

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