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No Media Interviews Without My Permission: Sakaja Tells County Officials After Latest Exposé

by Paul Nyongesa
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Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has implemented a new directive requiring all County Executive Committee (CEC) members, Chief Officers, and County Directors to obtain permission before engaging in media interviews.

The memo, issued by Acting County Secretary Patrick Analo on December 19, aims to curb information leaks and ensure officials coordinate their statements.

According to Analo, the directive is not meant to silence officials but to streamline information flow. Officials are now required to seek approval from Governor Sakaja before participating in media interviews.

“This is to direct all officials invited for media interviews to seek permission from H.E. the Governor before granting the media interviews,” Analo said.

Analo clarified that the directive is intended to ensure accurate information is disseminated to the public, promoting clarity rather than confusion.

He highlighted the extensive range of services provided by the county, numbering over 150, and stressed the importance of coordination to present a cohesive message.

However, the directive appears to contradict the governor’s previous stance, where he encouraged officials to engage with the media and address sector-related questions

. In a recent media appearance celebrating his one-year anniversary in office, Governor Sakaja, alongside his CECs and COs, showcased their achievements. The sudden change in approach raises questions, especially as it coincides with critiques of Nairobi County’s development spending.

A recent report by the Controller of Budget revealed that Nairobi County did not spend any funds on development projects in the last quarter of the financial year.

This revelation comes at a time when the county’s development spending is under scrutiny, potentially contributing to the governor’s decision to restrict media interactions among his top officials.

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