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Nisha Jepkoech: Nandi Woman Who Quit School to Sell Chapatis, Makes Up to Ksh 40,000 per Month

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With the high rate of unemployment currently facing the country, many Kenyans have been seeking alternative means of survival instead of relying on white-collar jobs.

This is exemplified in the story of Nisha Jepkoech, who, after completing form four, decided to start her own business cooking chapati as a means of survival.

Upon completing high school, Nisha contemplated a move to Eldoret or Nairobi, drawn by the allure of city life and the promise of better employment opportunities.

However, cautionary tales from friends who still faced difficulties in larger towns prompted her to reconsider. This pivotal moment became the catalyst for her decision to forge her own path through entrepreneurship.

Nisha chose to establish her business in the familiar surroundings of her Nandi Hills hometown, recognizing the potential demand for well-cooked chapatis.

What started with a humble bag of wheat flour has evolved into a daily production routine, creating a bundle of chapatis that attracts customers from various walks of life.

Beyond chapatis, she diversified her offerings to include tea and chips, contributing to a daily sales revenue of about Ksh5,500.

The 23-year-old entrepreneur embodies the spirit of hard work and independence. In a society where societal norms often dictate dependence on parents, Nisha defies this trend.

“Just like any other young lady, I have a lot of needs, which is why I work hard to earn a living rather than depend on my parents. With this business that has lasted two years, I provide for all personal effects that a lady requires, pay Ksh5,000 rent, and put food on the table,” she was quoted by Kenya News Agency.

Nisha’s success extends beyond personal fulfillment; she has created job opportunities within her community. Employing two individuals to assist in her kiosk.

“I have employed two ladies who assist me in my kiosk, for whom I pay Sh300 per day. They help me supply orders to my customers while I am busy cooking. I know that by the time they leave this place, they will have acquired the skill of chapati cooking that I also learnt from my mother,” she told KNA.

Her daily routine reflects her dedication. Rising at 5 a.m., Nisha ensures the chapatis are ready by 6 a.m. to cater to those seeking an early breakfast. The business operates until 10 p.m., serving a diverse clientele that includes boda boda riders, office workers, students, and business professionals.

While her current venture thrives, Nisha harbors larger ambitions. Her dream is to own a restaurant, an aspiration rooted in her belief that individuals should actively create opportunities for themselves.

In her view, there are numerous business prospects requiring minimal skills, ranging from hawking household items to selling cereals and roasting maize.


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