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Nandy Breaks Silence After Fellow Female Artist Visits a Mganga to Attain Success

by Paul Nyongesa
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Finally, artist Nandy has broken her silence after a leaked audio clip hinted at a fellow female artist allegedly consulting a traditional healer regarding her musical success.

On Wednesday, Tanzanian social media was abuzz with discussions surrounding an audio clip purportedly featuring artist Lulu Diva conversing with a traditional healer about her music career achievements.

In the audio, the individual believed to be Diva was heard instructing the healer to perform rituals to make her the most beloved female artist in Tanzania, surpassing Nandy’s popularity. She expressed a desire for her star to shine even brighter than Nandy’s and thanked the traditional healer for a previous intervention that she claimed had propelled her song ‘Andazi’ to success, even in rural areas.

The artist went on to express bewilderment as to why she wasn’t getting as many performance opportunities as Nandy and sought the traditional healer’s assistance to secure frequent shows, similar to Nandy’s schedule.

“Regarding ‘Andazi,’ we’ve done it, I mean, if it’s about that sacrifice we did, then we scared and killed for it because ‘Andazi’ has performed well. Even in the villages, when I go there, I hear it, and people respond. But now, expert, I wonder why I’m not getting shows. Why isn’t my phone ringing at the end of the year? I see other girls doing shows; why am I not getting those shows? All I want is to get those shows,” she expressed.

After citing some of Nandy’s achievements and expressing her desire to secure numerous performances each weekend, Nandy took to social media to respond, firmly denouncing any spiritual interference in her success.

Nandy uploaded a picture with dollar bills on her sunglasses and captioned it, “Today I rebuke all evil spirits… Those that desire my life’s success 😎!!”

In the post, she also shared a video of a man laughing, emphasizing his amusement at the surprising revelation that a fellow female artist would resort to seeking a traditional healer’s assistance to compete rather than collaborating in the industry.

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