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Mulamwah Speaks After Engaging in a Grisly Accident Along Eldoret-Nakuru Highway

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Comedian David Oyando, popularly known as Mulamwah, recently experienced a harrowing incident as he narrowly escaped a fatal road accident on the Eldoret-Nakuru Highway.

The content creator shared a poignant video in which he expressed his gratitude for being alive after the incident.

In the video, Mulamwah can be seen shedding tears while inspecting the wreckage of the vehicle he was traveling in. The car had rolled multiple times as he tried to maneuver and avoid another vehicle on the road.

Mulamwah explained that the accident occurred when the vehicle in front of him abruptly came to a stop at Ngata Bridge, just before Nakuru, during the afternoon of Saturday, December 30.

The emergency braking led to the unfortunate rollover of Mulamwah’s vehicle.

Remarkably, both Mulamwah and his friend, who was traveling with him at the time, managed to escape the accident with only minor injuries.

Read Mulamwah’s message posted on his Instagram Page:

CHANCES – MUNGU NI MWEMA , it could have ended otherwise but GOD ako na sisi kila wakati. this happened today at around 12:47 pale Ngata Bridge just before nakuru as we were travelling to nairobi from ELDORET , we rolled several times trying to evade a car infront which had just stopped suddenly following emergency breaking . My friend and i Got out safely with little scratches. no one was hurt in all vehicles involved. Glory to God we live to see another day 🙏. always enjoy moments while you still can , its like tomorrow’s is never promised . asante sana to the residents and kaptembwa police staff who really helped us all in the scene . Baraka tele ♥️


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