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Mother of 10-year-old boy who circumcised himself breaks silence

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In a quiet neighborhood in Ndabibi, Kenya, Lucy Wanja recently went through a harrowing experience involving her 10-year-old son.

The incident unfolded when the child allegedly cut himself with a kitchen knife, leaving Wanja in a state of shock and concern.

Wanja, a resident of Ndabibi, was initially oblivious to her son’s plight for three days.

“I found out about the terrible accident on Thursday, three days after he had already injured himself. He started complaining that his trousers were zinamkula and wanted to take them off,” said the Ndabibi resident.

Initially dismissing it as a minor inconvenience, Wanja assumed it was debris from their farm that had latched onto her son’s clothes.

However, as the discomfort persisted, Wanja’s maternal instincts kicked in. Upon closer examination, she discovered her son’s private area was not only swollen but also bleeding.

“Nilijua mambo iko serious wakati alianza kulimp. I decided to examine him and noticed that his private part was very swollen and bleeding. I tried to ask him what had happened but he didn’t give me any information,” she said.

The gravity of the situation became apparent, prompting Wanja to take immediate action.

Wanja decided to rush her son to the hospital for a thorough medical examination.

“After the examination, the doctors found that my son had tried to cut himself. He was admitted and the doctors had to finish what he had started. He was then circumcised and given medication,” said Ms Wanja

The severity of the situation necessitated medical intervention, leading to the child undergoing a circumcision procedure.

The medical professionals worked to complete what the boy had initiated, and he was subsequently provided with the necessary medication.

Grateful for her son’s safety, Wanja expressed relief that he was now out of danger and recuperating at home.

She shared that, as a precautionary measure, her son is currently not allowed to leave the house to minimize the risk of further harm during the recovery period.

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