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Meet the little-known tycoon behind Quiver Nightclub Empire

by Paul Nyongesa
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Over the past few years, Quiver Lounge has emerged as a dominant force in Nairobi’s nightlife, evolving into one of the largest nightclub chains in Kenya.

Its roots trace back to the initial branch along Thika Road, a venue that captivated the fervor of revelers in the Nairobi metropolitan area and set the stage for a business expansion into multiple counties.

Today, Quiver Lounge boasts a presence in Kilimani, Kenol, Kitengela, and Thika Road, each offering a spacious, modern design for a high-end party experience.

What distinguishes Quiver Lounge from its counterparts is not only its popularity among leisure seekers but also its allure for celebrities and prominent figures.

The likes of American rapper Fabolous have graced the Kilimani branch, leaving an indelible mark on the city’s social scene. Even political heavyweights, such as President William Ruto, found themselves drawn to the Thika Road branch during the 2022 General Elections campaigns, transforming it into one of the city’s premier party destinations.

Behind the success of Quiver Lounge stands the enigmatic figure of Peter Mbugua, a multi-millionaire businessman who, despite maintaining a low public profile, stepped into the spotlight in a peculiar way. In November of the previous year, shortly after the grand opening of the Kenol branch, a video went viral depicting priests seemingly blessing the nightclub.

However, as the narrative unfolded, it became evident that the men of the cloth were offering prayers not just for the nightclub but for the entire mall housing it and all the businesses within its walls.

Mbugua, in a rare public statement, clarified the unconventional incident.

“As you’ve already been told, the mall in which Quiver Lounge sits was being dedicated to God, as any business person would as he embarks on a new business challenge,” he noted. In Mbugua’s view, seeking blessings for the nightclub was not a contradiction but a customary practice. He explained that the risks associated with the nightclub business, ranging from violence to fires and stampedes, warranted a plea for divine protection.

“This is a business like any other. There are a lot of risks in nightclubs – people can be stabbed to death with bottles, there are knives involved, fires in the kitchens, and stampedes too. We always ask God to protect us from hazards, and we also channel a lot of our profits to the Church. I don’t see any controversy in asking men of God to bless a new nightclub,” Mbugua emphasized.

Perhaps the most intriguing revelation was Mbugua’s disclosure that a significant portion of Quiver Lounge’s profits found its way into the coffers of the church. It was an unusual marriage of the secular and the sacred, a symbiotic relationship where a nightclub thrived while simultaneously contributing to the spiritual realm.

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