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Jackie Matubia introduces new lover months after dumping Blessing Lung’aho

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Popular Kenyan actress Jackie Matubia has taken to social media to introduce her new partner just days after dropping hints about her desire to get married.

On Friday, the mother of two, who separated from fellow actor Blessing Lung’aho a few months ago, shared videos of her vacation at the Coast with an unidentified man. While she didn’t reveal the full face of her new beau, she gave viewers a glimpse of his physique.

In the videos, the couple appeared joyous, reveling in romantic moments.

“As we chill waiting for our next event,” Matubia captioned one video showing her and the man lying in bed.

In another video shared by the former Tahidi High actress, the couple enjoyed time by a swimming pool, with the unidentified man planting a kiss on Matubia’s cheek.

Matubia concealed her new partner’s face with heart emojis and accompanied the video with Nyashinski’s love song ‘Perfect Design.’

This revelation comes approximately five months after the mother of two separated from her co-parent Blessing Lungaho, with whom she shares one child.

In July, Matubia surprised the nation by announcing herself as a “proud single mother of two.”

Last month, the actress was overcome with emotion as she opened up about the challenges of raising her daughters alone without assistance from their fathers.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, Matubia detailed the reasons behind her separation from Lungaho, a fellow actor she met on a television show that concluded early last year.

The mother of two from different fathers hinted that Blessing Lung’aho had not been fulfilling his responsibilities in supporting their daughter after their recent breakup.

Matubia emphasized that life since parting ways with Lung’aho has not been easy and that it’s only by the grace of God that she has persevered.

“God has truly been at the center of our lives, mine and my daughters’. He has held me so tight when everything in my life was falling apart. God took my hand and assured me that He is the Alpha and Omega. He has been a father to my children and a pillar of support,” Matubia expressed.

“It has been a very tough time, and in the past few months, I have gone through fire, and honestly, I have seen the hand of God,” she added.

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