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Inside the Multi-Billion Business Empire Owned by President Ruto’s Wife, Rachel Ruto

by Paul Nyongesa
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Rachel Ruto is the wife of President William Ruto, who succeeded the retired head of state Uhuru Kenyatta as the fifth head of state.

They say behind every successful man is a woman.

The down-to-earth second lady has been instrumental in campaigning and praying for her husband.

Rachel and William Ruto’s journey traces back to their days as students at the University of Nairobi, where the seeds of their partnership were sown.

Over the years, their bond has weathered the storms of both personal and political challenges, solidifying into a partnership that extends beyond the public eye.

One facet of Rachel Ruto’s influence lies in her active involvement in the family’s expansive business empire.

Reports suggest that she owns significant stakes in various companies alongside her husband and other family members.

Their multi-billion shilling enterprise spans diverse sectors, including real estate, hospitality, insurance, and agriculture.

Notably, Rachel takes on central supervisory roles in key ventures, such as the multi-billion shilling commercial poultry operation, Yegen farms.

One incident that shed light on Rachel’s involvement was the theft of 10 crates of eggs from Yegen farms in 2019.

The incident revealed her central supervisory role at the farm, which reportedly sells eggs worth over Ksh1.5 million daily.

This incident provided a glimpse into the scale of the Ruto family’s agricultural endeavors.

Additionally, Rachel Ruto holds shares in Matiny Limited, a pivotal entity in the family’s business portfolio.

Matiny serves as the vehicle for key real estate and hospitality investments, and Rachel holds the position of Company Secretary.

Matiny Limited has been involved in lucrative government real estate contracts, leasing apartments to the National Police Service and benefiting from housing projects initiated by City Hall.

Beyond the realms of business and politics, Rachel Ruto is actively engaged in philanthropy through the Joyful Women’s Organization (JOYWO).

This women empowerment organization, founded by Rachel, boasts over 100,000 members and operates programs such as financial literacy training and table banking for women groups.

The organization claims a substantial revolving fund of $12 million (Ksh1.7 billion), with partnerships with major organizations including Johnson & Johnson Foundation and Hivos.


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