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Gospel singer Justina Syokau cries while walking barefoot after Luo bae dumped her at the Airpot

by Paul Nyongesa
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Gospel singer Justina Syokau has recently found herself at the center of emotional turmoil, publicly declaring her single status after an alleged sudden breakup with her affluent partner from Kisumu.

The singer, known for her uplifting gospel tunes, took to 7 News Global’s Facebook page to share a tearful video, recounting the heart-wrenching moment when her partner supposedly abandoned her at the airport.

In the video, Syokau can be seen walking barefoot on the road, carrying a bag on her head, and pouring out her emotions to onlookers.

She claimed that her partner, whom she had proudly introduced as a Kisumu businessman, left her stranded at the airport without a penny.

The couple was apparently on their way to a vacation, but things took an unexpected turn when he boarded a private jet, leaving her bewildered and alone.

What adds an intriguing twist to the story is that Syokau had previously showcased her relationship with the Kisumu businessman, featuring him in her latest song.

This led to speculations about whether the entire episode was an attention-seeking stunt or a genuine heartbreak.

In the video, she shared her disappointment, questioning how she would face people after having openly celebrated their relationship.

“What will I tell people yet I had boasted about this relationship so much? I even told him I will not release a 2024 song, and he left me,” she emotionally expressed during the video.

A compassionate bystander in the video attempted to comfort Syokau, advising her to stop crying and urging her to go home and relax. However, her tears persisted, leaving viewers with a mix of sympathy and curiosity.

As the video circulates online, it remains unclear whether this emotional saga is a prelude to a new song release or a genuine expression of heartbreak.

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