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Danstan Omari: Why Kisiis should never pay taxes

by Samantha
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Renowned lawyer Danstan Omari, colloquially known as the “baby daddy lawyer,” has unleashed a barrage of criticism against the government led by President William Ruto, accusing it of discriminatory practices targeting the Gusii community.

In a recent press conference, Omari boldly asserted that the Kisiis, hailing from the Gusii region, should be exempt from paying taxes as they allegedly find themselves excluded from the folds of the current administration.

“Kisiis should not pay taxes because they are not part and parcel of this government,” declared Omari passionately, condemning what he perceives as a form of marginalization against the Gusii community.

His ire was particularly directed at Nyamira County, which he claims has become a focal point of the Kenya Kwanza administration led by President William Ruto. Drawing attention to recent events, Omari pointed to the national examinations where schools from the region faced scrutiny for possible exam irregularities.

Nyambaria High School in Nyamira County notably achieved academic success, with 488 students earning admission to university after scoring C plus and above in the 2022 KCSE exams.

Omari broadened his critique to encompass the treatment of parastatal heads from the Gusii community, exemplified by the case of Margaret Nyakang’o.

According to Omari, Nyakang’o and others from the community have been subjected to discrimination, a violation of Article 27 of the constitution, which explicitly prohibits discrimination based on race or tribe.

“The only constitutional office holder from the Kisii community is Margaret Nyakang’o. She has been hounded out of office. None of the Kisiis has ever been appointed a PS (Principal Secretary). This is a government of shareholding, and it is very clear that the Kisiis are not shareholders in this government,” asserted Omari.

The lawyer staunchly defended the Controller of Budget, Margaret Nyakang’o, stating that she had undergone thorough vetting processes by all relevant bodies and received approval from the former president.

Omari concluded his statements by expressing concern over what he deemed as a concerted effort to remove Nyakang’o from her constitutional office, potentially invoking Article 251.

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