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Daddy Owen Sparks Dating Rumors as He Introduces President Ruto’s Daughter, Charlene, to His Mother

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In the midst of the festive frenzy and Christmas preparations, a heartwarming tale unfolded in the serene rural home of gospel sensation Daddy Owen in Kakamega.

It was a day of significance, marked by the presence of Charlene Chelagat Ruto, the daughter of the president, in what insiders dubbed an “introduction ceremony” held on December 23.

Eshifiru village, nestled in Kakamega county, played host to an event that was carefully orchestrated, as revealed by exclusive but unpublished photos that substantiate the affair.

Charlene, adorned in a striking red dress, was not alone; a substantial security contingent accompanied her, ensuring the grandeur of the occasion.

To add a traditional touch, Isikuti dancers were enlisted, weaving their rhythmic patterns to enhance the festivities.

Daddy Owen, donned in a stylish brown and black designer shirt coupled with a black hat, played a central role in the affair.

Although the event maintained a relatively low profile, graced mostly by Owen’s family, it didn’t escape the attendance of a select few celebrities.

A palpable sense of joy permeated the air, fueled by a spread of delectable delights ranging from traditional dishes to an array of beverages, including customary drinks. Chicken, fish, beef, and an assortment of culinary delights adorned the tables, creating an atmosphere of shared happiness.

The highlight of the ceremony was the exchange of gifts between Charlene and Owen’s mother, Margaret Mwatia.

The gestures mirrored a daughter paying a visit to her mother, with Charlene presenting thoughtful gifts and receiving a warm Luhya land welcome in return.

Macadamia nuts, simsim, and other considerate items sealed the bond in a symbolically significant exchange.

At one juncture, Owen took part in a symbolic act, tying a lesso around Charlene’s waist as part of the ceremony.

The villagers, witnesses to this heartfelt exchange, were left in awe, finding both entertainment and joy in the cultural celebration.

While rumors had previously circulated about a potential romantic connection between Daddy Owen and Charlene, the gospel singer clarified that their relationship was primarily centered on friendship and collaborative projects.

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