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Black Mully: Meet the Egerton Prank Master Earning Thousands from Enticing Kenyans on TikTok

by Paul Nyongesa
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Kenyan TikToker Joseph Muli, popularly known as Black Mully, has been captivating Kenyans with fascinating prank videos on his TikTok page.

Mully, who began his journey in content creation for pranks in Nakuru and also juggles as a student in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Management at Egerton University, reveals that his content creation journey started last year.

”After investing in a camera and paying someone to help with shooting, I began creating dance content. Much to my disappointment, it didn’t attract as many viewers as I had hoped.” Mully told Mtaa Wangu.

Undeterred by disappointing numbers, Mully pivoted his content strategy to public interviews before eventually discovering his comedic calling in public pranks.

“I remember interacting with Machigoldpranks content and feeling really inspired to start comedic prank content. Comedic pranks also felt much more natural to me as I was pretty much the class comedian growing up,” he said.

The turning point came when he decided to make a video donning his father’s old clothes, injecting a personal touch into his content.

Filming around Njoro, where he attended school, helped Mully gain recognition among his peers, but success did not happen overnight.

Contrary to expectations, his content took months to gain traction, and the journey to monetization was an even longer one.

” It took months for my fan base to grow and even longer for me to start earning from the content,” he said.

Despite the humorous nature of his pranks, Mully takes his work seriously.

When asked about facing trouble for his pranks, he chuckles and reveals that he takes precautions.

” I make sure I shoot content with a group of my friends who not only help me shoot the content but also act as my security”.





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