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Baby Cries After Waking Up on December 25th as Mom Tells Her Christmas Is Over

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a heartwarming and amusing Christmas tale, a baby who initially thought she had missed out on the festivities experienced a rollercoaster of emotions when her mother played a holiday prank.

The touching moment was captured in a short video shared on TikTok by @akomanancy.

The plot unfolded when the child’s mother decided to prank her, informing her that Christmas was already over.

The video, which showcased the baby’s adorable reaction, quickly gained traction on TikTok and resonated with viewers who found the scenario relatable.

The clip reveals the baby waking up with a bit of darkness still lingering in the morning. Seizing the opportunity, the mother teased the child, suggesting that she had woken up late and missed the Christmas celebrations.

Overwhelmed by the idea of not being able to join in the festivities like others, the baby burst into tears.

The emotional moment touched the hearts of TikTok users, and the video garnered numerous reactions.

@Dairo Boluwatife expressed humorously, “You don’t have to hurt me before you win,” capturing the sentiment of playful mischief.

@Omaegbu Praise325 and @Joyce Phil shared nostalgic memories, recalling similar pranks from their own childhoods.

One user, @augustafredrick, added a humorous twist to the situation, joking, “E be like say dem buy Christmas cloth, shoe, wristwatch and eye glass for her,” highlighting the anticipation and excitement associated with Christmas gifts.

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