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Anyangu Kube: How I Was Drugged Inside a Matatu on My Way to Nairobi from Nakuru

by Paul Nyongesa
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Anyangu Kube, a commuter in Nakuru, recently faced a life-threatening ordeal when he fell victim to suspected drug poisoning during a routine journey to Nairobi. The incident unfolded on a seemingly ordinary Sunday evening around 8 pm, as Mr. Kube left his home to run errands in the capital.

Mr. Kube, on a mission to run errands in the capital city, left his home and made his way to Nakuru town.

There, he boarded a matatu, opting for a shuttle he had never used before, unaware that this choice would lead to a life-threatening experience.

Seated on the old matatu shuttle, Mr. Kube occupied the last available seat, surrounded by a mix of hand luggage and a fellow passenger with dreadlocks to his right.

Little did he know that this seemingly routine journey would take a dangerous turn.

Approximately an hour into the trip, a sudden foul smell disrupted the journey. Initially attributing it to the man with dreadlocks, Mr. Kube soon realized something was amiss when he noticed the passenger hurriedly closing the window. In a bid to address the discomfort, Mr. Kube shouted at him to open the window.

However, the situation quickly escalated. Overwhelmed by a sense of dizziness and difficulty breathing, Mr. Kube recalls the harrowing experience. “My head became heavy, and I lost consciousness,” he recounts.

In the midst of his ordeal, distant voices shouting for the conductor to intervene echoed in Mr. Kube’s ears. The next moment, he found himself outside the matatu, lying on the ground with his shirt opened to allow air circulation.

The chaos continued as angry passengers sought answers, questioning the whereabouts of the man who had been seated next to Mr. Kube. To their dismay, he had vanished, leaving behind a mob demanding justice.

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