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13-Year-Old Girl Hacks Mother to Death After Snatching Her Phone Used for Chatting

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a shocking incident that has left residents of Kapweria area in disbelief, a 13-year-old girl gruesomely hacked her mother to death with a machete.

The tragic event unfolded following a heated dispute over a mobile phone, painting a disturbing picture of domestic discord.

The Transmara East sub-county police boss, Boniface Kavoo, confirmed the harrowing details of the incident. The young girl reportedly launched a brutal attack on her 55-year-old mother, inflicting deep cuts to her head during the altercation. Tragically, the mother succumbed to her injuries after enduring significant bleeding.

Neighbours, alerted by the distressing cries emanating from the family’s homestead, rushed to the scene to find the victim in agonizing pain, desperately pleading for assistance. The extent of the violence and the shocking nature of the crime have left the community grappling with the profound tragedy.

According to a report by Citizen Digital, the fatal dispute stemmed from the mother’s attempt to reclaim the mobile phone her daughter was using for texting.

Described as a strict disciplinarian, the mother disapproved of her daughter engaging in communication without her knowledge.

Subsequently, the police chief, Kavoo, provided insight into the circumstances, stating, “It’s a scenario where her mother wanted to repossess the phone her daughter was using to chat with. It seems the deceased was a strict mother, and she wasn’t happy about her girl doing a lot of communication without her knowledge. The suspect used all the means to fight her mother back, which ended in a fatality.”

In a bid to conceal the evidence, the 13-year-old allegedly disposed of the murder weapon by throwing it into a pit latrine. However, she later confessed to the crime, revealing that her actions were driven by a desire for more freedom.

The body of the deceased has been transported to Kapkatet Hospital mortuary, while the young suspect is currently in custody at Emurua Dikiir police station, awaiting further legal proceedings.

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