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12-Year-Old TikTok Sensation Onsongo Builds Family House with Earnings, Gains Praises

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Onsongo, a 12-year-old comedian who has been delighting TikTok users with his humorous content, is making headlines for a heartwarming reason—he’s building a house for his family.

The young entertainer has garnered a significant following on TikTok, where he not only spreads smiles with his stunts but also engages with his audience through live sessions, where Kenyans have been generously gifting him.

The phenomenon of TikTok gifts has become a substantial part of creators’ income on the platform, and Onsongo is no exception.

In a viral video, the young comedian’s father proudly revealed that Onsongo has been saving the money received during his TikTok lives. The result? A nearly finished bungalow, showcasing the young talent’s responsible use of his earnings.

In the video, Onsongo’s father emphasized that the project was entirely Onsongo’s initiative.

He stated, “Don’t say that Osongo’s dad is enjoying his money. This project is Osongo’s. He started it when he was on TikTok.” The proud father gave viewers a glimpse of the house, pointing out the ongoing work on the verandah and highlighting that TikTok had played a significant role in funding the construction. He added, “He has also made sure that electricity got to this place.”

Another video featured a content creator meeting up with Onsongo, showcasing the nearly finished house. In the video, Onsongo joyfully sang, “Sisi ni wale tuliosaidiwa na Mungu. This is my house. It is big.”

Netizens flooded the comments section with congratulatory messages and admiration for Onsongo’s achievements.

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