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Woman Wins SportPesa Jackpot Bonus After Pastor Ezekiel’s Prayers

by Samantha
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In a captivating moment at Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s Newlife Church, a member shared a testimony that left the congregation in astonishment and wonder.

Pastor Odero himself was visibly amazed as the follower narrated an extraordinary tale of unexpected fortune, specifically a staggering KSh 26,000 jackpot bonus win.

The scene unfolded in a video captured within the church, where the woman stepped forward to recount her remarkable experience.

Despite admitting to a limited understanding of the intricacies of betting, she revealed her substantial win, attributing it to the collective power of prayer within the church community.

“I usually watch football, but even though I don’t understand it that much, through your prayers, I won KSh 26,000 from betting. I don’t even know any player. I just placed a bet, and I got a message congratulating me that I had won KSh 26,000, and I decided to come here,” she shared with Pastor Ezekiel and the captivated congregation.

The most astonishing part of her testimony emerged as she unveiled the mechanics behind her win.

Engaged in a jackpot challenge requiring accurate predictions for multiple games, she remarkably forecasted the outcomes of 13 games, including the Tottenham vs Chelsea clash.

“I predicted that Chelsea would win, and they beat Tottenham 4-1. Then I won jackpot bonus. There was KSh 331 million for those who fell within the jackpot bonus matrix. I got 13 games and won KSh 26,000. It seems there were many,” she elaborated, detailing the precise nature of her accomplishment.

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