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Why Kenyan YouTuber Vincent Mboya left the country for a stay in Canada

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Vincent Mboya, a prominent Kenyan content creator, has recently made a life-altering decision to relocate to Canada, seeking a fresh start.

Reflecting on his journey from Mombasa to Nairobi, Mboya shared the story of his humble beginnings.

In a heartfelt announcement, Mboya emphasized his aversion to comfort, recounting how he arrived in Nairobi with nothing but determination.

He expressed gratitude for divine intervention that helped him rise to the pinnacle of his career.

However, Mboya admitted that the moment he senses comfort settling in, fear creeps in, prompting him to make bold decisions.

“This is a historical day for me,” Mboya declared. “The moment I notice I’m comfortable, that’s the moment I start getting worried.”

His decision to move to Canada, he explained, was driven by a desire to break free from his comfort zone and embrace new challenges. Acknowledging the difficulty of starting afresh in a foreign land, Mboya remained optimistic about the journey ahead.

While the YouTuber did not provide a clear timeline for his return to Kenya, he expressed uncertainty about when that might happen.

Today is a historical day for me, I left Mombasa to come to Nairobi and I came to Nairobi with literally nothing, god helped me na nikafika mahali nimefika, na mimi hua si mtu hua sipendi kua comfortable, the moment I notice I’m comfortable that the moment I started getting scared, the moment I notice niko na nyumba, gari thats the moment I start getting worried. I have decided to go to another land and start afresh it is not easy,” he stated. When am I coming back? We will know, we’ll see.”

His move follows a period of financial struggle, during which he appealed to Langata MP Jalang’o for assistance with rent.

Despite facing difficulties, Mboya later returned the money and went on to establish his own YouTube channel, amassing over 220K subscribers.

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