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Veronica Wairimu: Why I Quit My Well-Paying Nursing Job to Work in a Quarry

by Paul Nyongesa
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With over a decade of experience as a nurse, Veronica Wairimu felt a void in her life and a yearning for independence and entrepreneurship.

Her decision to pursue her childhood dream of being an independent adult led her to make a bold choice – leaving her thriving nursing career behind.

In an interview, Wairimu revealed the internal conflict she faced as her dream seemed to be derailed by the nursing course she took based on her mother’s advice.

However, the desire to be her own person and own a business remained strong.

Taking a leap of faith, Wairimu quit her nursing job, leaving behind the security of employment to venture into uncharted territory.

“When I quit my job, I didn’t know what I wanted to pursue but I knew I was done being employed,” she narrated.

She openly shared her unconventional career move with friends and family, initially met with confusion and skepticism. Undeterred by the doubts of others, Wairimu was determined to forge her path.

Upon quitting her job, uncertainty loomed, but Wairimu knew she was done with being employed. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to the challenging yet male-dominated field of quarrying.

Her decision to work in the quarry was met with raised eyebrows, but her father believed in her vision and provided a crucial down payment of Ksh20,000 for construction materials.

Wairimu started her business by leasing land in Kiamuringa, Embu County.

Despite the challenges and societal expectations, she not only became the owner of a quarry but also challenged gender stereotypes by employing women for the physically demanding work of digging, while men handled material transportation.

“If you feel you are not thriving in where you are, or it’s not your calling. Go to where God has called you,” she advised.

Leading by example, Wairimu actively participates in the daily operations, overseeing a team of about 10 workers.

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