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Speculatioms high as Samidoh and Karen Nyamu unfollow each other

by Samantha
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Mugiithi artiste Samuel Muchoki, popularly known as Samidoh, and Senator Karen Nyamu appears to be encountering a melodic turbulence.

This is after eye hawked kenyan noted noted that the duo had  unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Adding to the intrigue, Samidoh recently took to social media to announce the launch of his foundation. What caught the attention of keen observers was the omission of any mention or invitation extended to his baby mama, the nominated Nairobi Senator Karen Nyamu.

Unlike previous instances where Senator Karen Nyamu had been an unwavering pillar of support, her silence on Samidoh’s latest venture raised eyebrows among followers.

The absence of any mention or acknowledgment from her end added fuel to the already blazing speculations regarding the couple’s relationship.

A concerned follower, Sarah Gitau, couldn’t help but comment on the unfolding situation.

Na nikama kinakuramba Samidoh. Mbona uli unfollow huyo mmama wako?? I thought ni mfavourite, look alike na sijui mscorpio. (It is like sh*t has hit the fan. Why did you unfollow your woman? I thought she was your favorite…)”

Samidoh, in response, offered a nonchalant explanation, stating, “Si ni life?”—a phrase that translates to “Isn’t it life?”—accompanied by laughter emojis.

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