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”Sitaki Maskini” Gospel Hitmaker Justina Syokau Looking for a Man to Marry, Must Be a Billionaire

by Samantha
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Gospel singer Justina Syokau has stirred up a whirlwind of reactions by boldly announcing her single status and her quest to marry a billionaire.

The “Twendi Twendi” hitmaker took her unconventional approach public, holding a placard near the Kenya Archives in the CBD, outlining the qualities she desires in a man.

The placard delivered a straightforward message: “Niko soko, ready to get married before 2024. Qualifications: billionaire, age 25 years old. If interested, DM.”

In an exclusive interview with TUKO.co.ke, the mother of one disclosed her reasons for seeking a younger man, expressing a preference for someone young, energetic, and proficient in intimate matters. She specified her ideal age as 25, emphasizing that she was uninterested in an older partner.

“I don’t want to date an old man. I want someone young, energetic, and good in bed. I want a 25-year-old billionaire. I don’t mind about his tribe or race,” she explained. Justina candidly remarked that a 70-year-old or older man would not fulfill her desires, suggesting that his son would be a more suitable match.

Detailing the conditions for her potential partner, Justina emphasized qualities such as generosity and a willingness to fulfill her desires. She also insisted on conducting thorough interviews with relationship experts to verify the authenticity of the billionaires expressing interest, expressing her reluctance to face hardship.

Her timeline for matrimony was equally ambitious. Justina outlined a three-day plan, including a proposal with a gold ring worth over KSh 5,000,000 on the first day, a KSh 2 billion dowry payment at her parents’ home in Machakos on the second day, and a grand wedding on a yacht in Dubai on the third day.

Unapologetically aspiring for a lavish lifestyle, she asserted her desire for a chopper or private jet as a mode of transportation, indicating her fatigue with conventional cars. Justina’s audacious vision extends to family planning, as she expressed her willingness to have ten children with her billionaire partner.

The singer’s unapologetic approach to love and life has sparked conversations, with the public eagerly anticipating the outcome of her unique quest for a billionaire mate.

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