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Shock as Wife slaps husband in public for saying ‘Tuwaachane basi ‘

by Paul Nyongesa
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In typical relationships, when a beautiful lady is told by her partner about breaking up, she often cries and becomes vulnerable. However, for one particular beauty, it was a different story.

This beauty refused to accept the news of parting ways from her boyfriend, and after a heated argument, she slapped him hard on the cheek, emphasizing that there would be no end to their relationship.

The viral video shows the boy berating his girlfriend for deciding to end their relationship. Despite the beauty’s attempts to persuade him not to break up, the boy seemed adamant that nothing would change.

After delivering the slap, the boy decided to leave, but the beauty quickly followed him and grabbed his shirt, turning him around to continue pleading.

Seeing that he was not receptive to her pleas, the beauty suddenly slapped him on the face, making it clear that breaking up was not an option.


After the unexpected slap, people nearby reacted with astonishment, some expressing their amazement, while others defended the beauty for taking decisive action to change the boy’s stance.

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