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Shock as Large Snake found Inside Kakamega Tycoon’s Mansion During Demolitions, Residents Allege Its Presence Brings Wealth

by Paul Nyongesa
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There was a surprise on Wednesday, November 29, 2023, after a large snake was found in the luxurious residence of a wealthy individual during the demolition in the Milimani neighborhood on the outskirts of Kakamega town.

The Milimani neighborhood is known for its affluence, situated close to the Kakamega State House, Milimani Resort and Golf Hotels, and the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK).

It is the street of the affluent in Kakamega, with other mansions and luxurious hotels in the area that are frequented by the wealthy as they go to and from their homes.

Moreover, Milimani boasts excellent infrastructure with all roads paved, no traffic congestion, and serene surroundings that undoubtedly reflect the wealth of the neighborhood.

During the demolition, conducted by the government in the area, a surprising event unfolded as a large snake and two tortoises were discovered in the house of a renowned and wealthy businessperson.

This building was one of those slated for demolition to make room for the construction of affordable housing projects initiated by the central government.

Despite the common expectation that the animals would be killed due to the perceived danger, the wealthy businessperson’s staff protected them and directed them to a safe area.

A few hours later, officials from the Wildlife Service arrived and safely relocated the wild animals without any harm.

However, the incident has sparked speculation that the businessperson may have been using these creatures to safeguard their wealth, possibly acquired through unconventional means.

There is also a belief that individuals who keep snakes, tortoises, and other wild animals are practitioners of witchcraft. It is thought that raising these creatures brings prosperity and helps accumulate wealth.

Many people, including artists, keep these wild animals to maintain their status and outshine their competitors.

According to 83-year-old Mzee Yusuf Olwichi from Navakholo, who uses traditional medicine to treat patients, keeping snakes can bring immense wealth and protect individuals from rival wealthy individuals.

Mr. Olwichi recounted that these snakes are given names corresponding to their value, and their presence signifies that the wealthy person who owns them will never face financial ruin.

Additionally, he mentioned that a person can amass immeasurable wealth by keeping snakes.

“Yes, snakes can bring about immense wealth. If you join and collaborate for the sake of wealth, there are rules that you must follow. You must have a unique secret and a room where no one enters. Your life revolves in a certain manner, often shrouded in secrecy,” said Mzee Olwichi.

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