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See How DCI Commandos Arrested Four Suspects Behind Quick Mart’s 94 Million Heist

by Samantha
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In a dramatic turn of events in Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD), detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) made significant strides in apprehending suspects linked to a Ksh94 million heist that shook the city.

The stolen funds, proceeds from a supermarket’s weekend sales destined for a local bank, became the focal point of a well-coordinated investigation.

The arrest operation unfolded across multiple locations. The owner of the vehicle used in the heist was nabbed in Rongai, with the vehicle itself traced to Njiru in Kayole.

In Njiru, two more suspects were caught attempting to modify the vehicle, a desperate effort to conceal its identity. Simultaneously, investigative efforts extended to the vicinity of Thika Road Mall (TRM) in Kasarani, leading to the apprehension of a fourth suspect at his rented residence.

During these operations, the police successfully recovered Ksh9.1 million of the stolen amount. A breakthrough in the case occurred when an empty cash box was discovered in a forest adjacent to Gataka market in Karen, believed to be the location where the stolen cash was divided among the suspects.

The meticulous processing of all crime scenes by the Crime Scene and Investigation (CSI) Nairobi Region underscores the dedication to solving the case.

The heist involved two security firm employees who made national headlines when they disappeared with the Ksh94 million after abandoning their truck at Dafarm in South C. Assigned to transport the money, they evaded capture, leaving the Administration Police (AP) escort alarmed and the company scrambling to recover its substantial losses.

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