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Samuel Mulwa: Kenyan Man Who Quit Nursing Job in the US for Truck Driving Now Earns KSh 732,000 Monthly

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Kenyan Moving abroad for greener pasture have always landed on jobs that quit pays well compared to their homeland land.

Such is the story of Samuel Mulwa, a Kenyan transplant making a living in the United States.

In an interview with the El and Nic YouTube Channel, Mulwa claimed that once he arrived in the US, he landed a nursing job but decided to quit when a friend with six years of trucking experience sparked his interest in the industry.

Mulwa then joined a trucking school, with the major requirement being legally in the US. “I went to the school for five weeks and paid around KSh 460,000. Some driving schools charge up to KSh 730,000.”

Post-schooling, Mulwa didn’t stop there. He sought further hands-on experience by engaging an instructor for two additional weeks, focusing on practical skills such as trailer connection and disconnection.

This comprehensive training prepared him for the diverse challenges encountered on the road.

Mulwa candidly addressed the hurdles he faced, pinpointing the intricacies of backing up a trailer as one of the most formidable challenges.

”The most challenging thing is backing up the trailer. Driving on the highway was easy but getting to the destination and backing up the trailer was challenging. But when you get used to it gets easy.”

The truck driver also highlighted environmental challenges, including navigating through high-speed winds and snow.

Financially, Mulwa claims that in his early days, he earned around $6,000 (KSh 732,000) per month before taxes, with approximately $2,100 (KSh 250,000) allocated to taxes.

The payment depends on one’s driving experience. When I started, I made around $6,000 (KSh 732,000) a month before taxes. The taxes amount to around $2,100 (KSh 250,000).’


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