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Sad Turn of Events: Former Minister’s Son Seeks Divorce After Securing Ksh 3.2 Billion Inheritance

by Paul Nyongesa
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The son of former Cabinet minister Mbiyu Koinange, poised to inherit a substantial fortune of at least Sh3.2 billion, is currently in the process of divorcing his wife.

This decision comes as his wife, Lydia Mbithe Kihara, recently alleged that he has joined a church with cult-like characteristics, seemingly with an interest in the impending wealth.

George Kihara Koinange has initiated divorce proceedings against Lydia Mbithe Kihara, his wife of 13 years.

In court documents, Mr. Kihara asserts that the marriage has irretrievably broken down and is seeking the Chief Magistrates Court to dissolve their union.

Although the couple tied the knot at Ridgeways Baptist Church in 2010, they have been together for nearly two decades.

This divorce application coincides with Mr. Kihara’s imminent inheritance of assets valued at a minimum of Sh3.2 billion. These assets include prime land in Narok and Kiambu counties, shares in various companies, and cash held in different bank accounts.

Mrs. Kihara contends that the cult-like church might become the primary beneficiary of the Koinange family wealth. In response, she has filed an application in the succession case, requesting court orders to prevent her husband from managing or transferring his inheritance without her spousal consent.

Mr. Kihara alleges that Ms. Mbithe frequently stays out late, causing distress to their three young children. In her efforts to obstruct her husband from dealing with his inheritance independently, Ms. Mbithe claims that Mr. Kihara also frequently abandons the family home for extended periods.

The Koinange family commenced meetings in April of this year to facilitate the distribution of the deceased patriarch’s assets.

Simultaneously, the Court of Appeal is addressing a lawsuit challenging the equal distribution among 12 beneficiaries.

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