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Sad Tale as US-Based Kenyan Tycoon Leaves the US for Kibera, Opens Business for Wife, Only for Her to End Up Cheating and Stealing from Business Profits

by Samantha
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A US-based business tycoon who identified himself as Tom during a previous You-tube video with Tuko.Co.ke, has narrated a sad story on how he left USA, which is considered as the land of opportunities,  and eventually move to the slum of Kibera In Nairobi, where they opened a business with his wife that eventually flopped.

It all started in 2017 when when Tom fell in love with his wife, whom he claimed to have caught sight of her in the company of his cousin.

He was intrigued by her and the eventually fell in love.

In 2018, Tom left USA and travelled back to Kenya in a bid to intoduce the lady to his parents.

However, his parents expressed reservations about her, questioning her intentions and raising doubts about her appearance.

‘I don’t know what my parents had seen in her and asked me if am sure she was the girl I am about to
marry,” Tom said in an interview with local news site, Tuko.co.ke.

Despite all of these, Tom decided to take her as his lovely wife, and within months, the lady was pregnant.

Tom later returned to the United States temporarily for 9 months, eagerly preparing for their growing family.

During his stay at the staes,, his wife presented an investment opportunity involving her father’s nine properties which he had intended to sell them at ksh 40,000 per unit.

Trusting her judgment, Tom negotiated the purchase at Ksh 35,000 each, only to discover upon his return that the properties were nonexistent, and he had fallen victim to a cruel deception.

“She gave me the money and got Sh. 200,000 in return. Initially, I assumed it was the same amount I had given her for Purchasing the Kibera houses. However, I later found out that the money was actually borrowed from a chama.” He narrated.

To add to the deception, Tom’s wife borrowed money from a women’s group (chama) under false pretenses, leading to a police investigation and her subsequent arrest.

In an attempt to salvage their relationship, Tom supported his wife in opening a club business in Kibera. Despite apparent success with monthly sales exceeding 2 million, dishonest practices plagued the venture.

Security personnel purchased alcohol from external sources, giving it to waitresses without accounting for it. Tom’s wife also borrowed money from various individuals but failed to repay them.

Heartbreak reached its peak when Tom discovered his wife’s infidelity.

“I found out she was cheating for the partial month of December and partly month of January. While at the shop, she was constantly texting. I’d launched up investigations with different people to help me track her down. She’s been spotted with many guys. She denied everything,” he said.

Despite the denials, Tom’s trust had been shattered, leaving him to grapple with the harsh reality of betrayal and loss.

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